【Donation Project】We send aid to Ukraine from Krakow, Poland

Poland accepts refugees from Ukraine in cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Przemyśl, close to the border between Poland and Ukraine.

In Krakow, we (ASAGAO sp. z o.o.), Japanese firms, Japanese people live there and Ukrainian volunteers cooperate to provide support directly to Ukraine since there is the lack of the daily necessities due to the Russian invasion

Who will support

ASAGAO sp. z o.o.
Volunteers in Poland (Ukrainians, Poles and Japanese)

How we support

Our Ukrainian volunteers collect information about what people in Ukraine need (this includes things such as food, warm cloth, or pet necessities) and we buy that in Poland and send it to the border where we can pass it to *Ukrainian volunteers who can send them to inside Ukraine.

We will share the information where the aid is or when it arrived at a certain place via SNS and so on.

*The Ukrainian volunteers help females or children evacuate from Ukraine. They will bring our aid to Ukraine when they return.

How we use donation from you

All donation will be shown on Excel sheet below with amount (in JPY and PLN), date and how we used.

We use your donation for:

  • purchasing aid
  • gasoline to send parcel

In addition, we are a group of volunteers and any personnel cost won’t happen or paid with your donation.

Please note that we mainly support the daily life of people in Ukraine and your donation won’t be used for purchasing weapons.

Latest situation of our activity

Please find information through the pages below:

The period of our project

06/03/2022 -06/04/2022 

This period possibly expanded with considering the situation 

Where to send donation

The name of bank: Paypay Bank
The name of branch: Suzume
The number of branch: 002 Saving account
The number of the account: 6446388
The owner of the account: Yumi Yoshida (in Japanese: 吉田 祐美(ヨシダ ユミ))

Donations of goods

In principle, we do not accept any goods as donation due to the background below:


  • Currently, some of Japanese airmail stop accepting goods and it is difficult to obtain the stable way to send goods from Japan to Poland or Ukraine 
  • It is urgent and necessary to provide aid to Ukraine as soon as possible 

If the situation changes and we start accepting goods donations, we will inform you on this website.


Any inquiry related to this project, please use contact us with the email address below:


Support for Refugees from Ukraine came to Poland

The Social welfare corporation Fukudakai, which we are truste work in the Polish brunch of it, collects donations for refugees in Poland.

The donation for the above corporation will be used for providing warm food, support places related to children and so on. 

If you would like to support those who in Poland, please consider to donate to this corporation.

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